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(MINERVA) Patisserie Minerva Foodservice (MYLELIA) TAFFY WITH Cherries & Mastic flavour (LIOKARPI) Liokarpi bottle 500ml (ANGEL) Extra Virgin Oil (CHATZIMIHALIS) Rose (MELISSA) Fides-Vermicelli Thin (GAEA) SANTORINI SAUCE (HELIOS) Pasta Farfalle (ELAION) Extra virgin oil (ALTIS) Altis wrapper (PEZAUNION) PEZA RED (GAEA) ORGANIC KAVROUMADAKI (CRETE MILLS) Gruyere cheese from goat milk (DOUKAS) Extra Virgin Olive Oil glass bottle (AEGEAN) GREEN MARASKA BOTTLE, 750ml (ARVANITI) Kefalotiri of cow's milk (GEROVASILIOU) VIOGNIER (BEM) SAUSAGE SALAD BEM (LIOKARPI) Liokarpi Metal Box 5L (LAKONIA) Orange Nectar - Apple - Apricot (SPITIKOI) Green olives (PAPADOPOULOU) MULTICEREAL biscuits with 4 cereals & milk (KRHSSA GH) Syrah Kotsifali (TSANTALI) KANENAS rose (PNOE) Extra virgin olive oil (OLYMP) Olives in Tin 1kg (MELISSA) Spagheti No 2 (PHEDRA) Extra Virgin Oil (BOTZAKIS) OUSIA Extra virgin oil (MYLELIA) LEMON CURD (PAPADOPOULOU) Brioche Round RUSKS (PHILEOS) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3lt (GAEA) EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL WITH BASIL & PEPPER (KADILI) White Dry Wine (ABEZ) (MYLELIA) Smoked Garlic (KARPEA) Extra virgin olive oil Kalamata P.D.O. - Koroneiki (VAENI) Taximi red (SEACRETS) Red vinegar with herbs (OLYMPIC NATURE) Parsley

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Dear Customer / Importer

We would like to introduce you to the list of Greek products
The aim of our efforts is to create a comprehensive list of Greek products relating to food and drinks, so that every interested buyer or importer to have a tool to search for products they want.
Because we are Greeks and we are closer to Greek producers believe that we can be most effective for your needs.

To make it easier for your acquaintance with Greek
producers and Greek products have created the following basic modules:
In the section Greek-market Products Catalogue you can find the product you need from among 25 general categories and subcategories of 485 (can be found easily on the page List of Products)
In the catalog you will find detailed information on each product you want (product information, link the producer interest form to give you the detailed information you need)
As you because our effort is to start a list of Greek-Market will be updated daily to become richer and more meaningful.

Also in the section Producers Directory giving you the opportunity to meet over 2000 Greek producers through short profile and have the chance to get to know them better through the link that leads to their website.
Up here if you have not found what you are looking for try to find the manufacturer you are interested in possibly through the base All Producers List and in List of Greek Exporters

Our effort is to create an electronic report to be the most effective online exhibition of Greek foods and beverages. The aim is to become a meeting point for all companies involved in the chain of production and promotion of food and beverage sector. It combines the advantages of conventional exhibitions of these web presence 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


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